A Christmas Favorite

A Christmas Favorite

Joy and Jana with Santa


Christmas is upon us and I thought that I would post my all time favorite Christmas photo.  This is me with my niece Jana Marie Richards.  Can you guess which one is me?  If you chose the interesting and fashionable little girl that screamed fashion with her coordinated striped skirt, fetching blazer and saddle shoes, you would be correct.  I am trying to distract you from the look on my face that reveals a lot about who I was then and still am now.  You might conclude that I had a look of disdain on my face as I appeared to look at my niece who was obviously hogging the entire Santa lap and center of the picture while I was exiled onto the arm of the chair.  You may be correct as I was the baby of five children in my family…until….the first grandchild arrived when I was only 3.  There is something all wrong with that as you can see by my face.  Yet, knowing what type of person I am and traits that I have and even displayed at a very young age, that look may mean something completely different.  You see, I am a “big picture” person with a very critical eye.  I hope that you can see Santa’s face.  I’m not sure exactly where they found him but it looks as though he has a black eye and hangover from too much Christmas ‘nog’.  I may be eyeing the entire situation and deciding whether Santa is responsible enough to be holding a small child.  Notice my crossed arms.  Santa isn’t going to touch me and in some small way, I’m sure that I was very glad that Jana was born so I didn’t have to deal with Santa up close and personal that year.


About Joy McKinnon-Stokes

I have been doing genealogy for over 25 years. My first interest in it was a result of my mother seeking information on her father's family in England. Her father had left her when she was 12 and she never saw him again. I quickly jumped on board to help in the search and quickly discovered the 'detective' part of family history that I have grown to love. I not only found out about her father and where he had ended up but I discovered relatives including a great niece that my mother never knew she had. All of sudden, she had a family from her father's side. My father was in a similar situation and had a father that left when he was 9 never to be heard from again. Through time, I also found where his father ended up and within a few years, my mother, father and I went on a genealogical trek to New Jersey and Massachusetts to research further and to see the final resting places of my parents' fathers. It will always be one of my most memorable experiences and it brought much closure to my parents. This experience is what continues to drive me to help others find out answers about their families.

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